General Info

January 20, 2020, Regular Meeting

Present were Nettles Brown, Dan Simmons, Ralph Ingram, William Allen and K. David Zachary, Commissioners. Also, present were Travis Tyler, Executive Director of the Port, Mickey Chambers, Assistant to the Executive Director of the Port, Mark A. Begnaud of McCoy Roberts & Begnaud, Ltd., legal counsel to the Commission.

A motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Ingram, and duly carried to approve the minutes of the December 16, 2019, Commission meeting.

As part of the Director’s Activity Report, Mr. Tyler reported: 1) tonnage has surpassed 540,000 tons. A tonnage report was available for review; 2) he will be meeting with representatives of Custom Commodities regarding a possible expansion of its operation; 3) the Port continues to work with prospective tenants; 4) Fire District 6 continues to work toward removing its material from the Port’s property; 5) the Commissioners need to complete their ethics training.

There was no financial report this month. The Port will review month-end and year-end financial statements at next month’s regular meeting.

In Old Business, Mr. Tyler reported the following regarding Capital Improvements: 1) an initial study and review established the base flood elevation of the North Port tract at 117.4”, but FEMA’s flood maps have not been modified. Mr. Tyler has contacting FEMA and will continue to follow up to ensure FEMA maps are changed. He is also following up with the engineering firm that was contracted for this portion of the certification process; 2) he continues to review potential rail spur development; and 3) the scales Matriculated proposes to transfer in lieu of rent owed to the Port appraised for $20,600. Mr. Tyler will look into costs to move and install on Port property.

In New Business, Terral may have available personnel to assist in Port operations on a contract basis.

A motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Allen, and, after a unanimous roll call vote, the Board entered executive session to discuss personnel matters pending litigation.

Upon reentering regular session, a motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Ingram and unanimously carried to increase Mr. Tyler’s salary to $95,000.00 and to increase the salaries of Ms. Chambers and Mr. Baker by 3%.

A motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Ingram and duly carried that the meeting be adjourned.