General Info

February 17, 2020, Regular Meeting

Present were Nettles Brown, Dan Simmons, Ralph Ingram, William Allen and K. David Zachary, Commissioners. Also, present were Travis Tyler, Executive Director of the Port, Mickey Chambers, Assistant to the Executive Director of the Port, Ronnie Blewer and Mark A. Begnaud of McCoy Roberts & Begnaud, Ltd., legal counsel to the Commission.

Mr. Tyler recognized Mr. Blewer as a guest.

A motion was made by Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr. Simmons, and duly carried to approve the minutes of the January 20, 2020, Commission meeting.

As part of the Director’s Activity Report, Mr. Tyler reported: 1) Madden Contracting is currently unloading a rock train, and expect it to be another busy year; 2) a tonnage report was available for review; 3) Terral is working on removing rubber from the chip pad and may be unloading steel coils due to navigation issues north of Natchitoches; 4) Matriculated may be bringing in more sand, either directly or through another company. It will coordinate with other tenants regarding its use of the rail spur; 5) ADA will know by the end of February whether it will be expanding its operations. It may be interested in constructing an additional rail spur; 6) the Port is working with DOTD regarding potentially utilizing currently appropriated funds for a rail spur on the Northport tract.

Also, as part of the Director’s Activity Report, Mr. Tyler reported: 1) Fire District 6 is in the last stage of removing its material from the Port’s property; 2) a potential tenant remains interested in the Northport tract still has a potential interested party; 3) the Port’s employment attorney is working on a proposed contract with Terral regarding contract labor to assist in the rail transfers; 4) there is additional interest from a potential tenant regarding a grain transfer facility; 5) a timber related company has expressed interest in a potential lease at the Port; 6) the Port continues efforts to resolve elevation issues with the Northport tract; and 7) he will be attending the Red River Valley Association meeting this week.

After the Commissioners reviewed the End of the Year Financial Report for 2019 and the December 2019 Treasurer’s Report, a motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Allen and duly carried to accept the Reports, copies of which were available for review.

A motion was made by Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr. Simmons and duly carried to accept the January 2020 Treasurer’s Report, a copy of which was available for review.

In Old Business, Mr. Tyler reported the following: 1) the Port continues to look at elevating the Northport tract and a rail spur addition; 2) the Port has paid Infinity and is working with them on a cost estimate to return Dock 3 to its pre-flood damage status; and 3) the Port has now received a quote for construction of a slab for its scales and moving the scales which Matriculated has proposed to transfer to the Port in lieu of rent owed. The Port is working to determine whether the scale foundation is acceptable before moving forward with the transfer from Matriculated.

In New Business, Mr. Tyler obtained the Caddo Bossier Port’s operating rules related to rail operations and utilized by Caddo Bossier and other ports. The Commissioners will review the rules and address them at the March meeting. Mr. Tyler is also reaching out to KCS regarding additional training.

A motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Ingram and duly carried that the meeting be adjourned.