General Info

October 19, 2020, Regular Meeting

Present were Nettles Brown, Ralph Ingram, William Allen, and Dan Simmons, Commissioners. Absent was K. David Zachary. Also, present were Travis Tyler, Executive Director of the Port, Alayna Huckaby and Taylor Wall of Kenneth D. Folden & Company, Ronnie Blewer, and Mark A. Begnaud of McCoy Roberts & Begnaud, Ltd., legal counsel to the Commission.

Mr. Blewer was recognized as a guest. Mr. Brown made a request for public comment. No public comment was made.

A motion to amend the agenda to change date of the Notice of Intention pursuant for La.R.S. 33:4717.2 to consider the Resolution to Approve a Lease Agreement with Custom Commodities Logistics, Inc. to the Commission’s regular meeting on November 16, 2020, was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Ingram and approved by unanimous roll call vote.

A motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Allen, and duly carried to approve the minutes of the September 21, 2020, Commission meeting.

As part of the Director’s Activity Report, Mr. Tyler reported: 1) the tonnage report was available for review. Over 340,000 tons were moved through September at the Port ; 2) ADA would like to move forward with leasing additional loading space; 3) Project Milton continues to work on obtaining funding; 4) Discussion regarding Project Sweet continues to move forward. COVID-19 has caused delays; and 5) the Port has continued discussions with frac sand companies.

Also, as part of the Director’s Activity Report, Mr. Tyler reported: 1) Project Grow has made contact with the Port regarding use of the warehouse. It could barge in up to 10,000 tons per month; 2) Project Green representatives will visit the Port and meet with government officials and CLECO; 3) the Port reached out to the Corps of Engineers trying to set up a meeting regarding the closure / revetment; 4) the Port continues to work on other projects; and 5) the Port will make a presentation to the Red River Waterway Commission on Wednesday. The end of the year Port review will not be held due to COVID.

After Commissioners reviewed the September 2020 Treasurer’s Report, a motion was made by Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr. Ingram and duly carried to accept the report, a copy of which was available for review. Noted was the insurance coverage increase. In Old Business, Mr. Tyler reported the following: 1) there is no new information regarding Capital Improvements; 2) related to the Dock 3 repairs, the Port has received funds from the Coastal Construction’s builder’s risk policy. The check was issued to the NPPC and Coastal Construction. The Port’s construction attorney in the Coastal litigation has reached out to Coastal’s counsel regarding endorsement of the check; 3) related to the Northport expansion, the Port is meeting with Project Green this week; 4) the Port is waiting for Matriculated to file an answer to the Petition for unpaid rent; and 5) Custom Commodities has expressed interest in a long-term lease.

In New Business: 1) Ms. Alayna Huckaby of Kenneth Folden & Company presented the 2019 Audit to the Commissioners. There were no findings related to compliance or internal controls. Employees need to ensure they sign the Port’s ethics policy annually. A motion was made by Mr. Allen, second by Mr. Ingram and duly passed accepting the 2019 Audit Report; and 2) a motion was made by Mr. Simmons, seconded by Mr. Ingram and unanimously passed approving a short-lease with Custom Commodities.

A motion was made by Mr. Ingram, seconded by Mr. Simmons and duly carried that the meeting be adjourned.